How to Maximize Your Bathroom Renovation Using One Material

REAL TALK. Bathroom renovations are a thing and whether you’re doing so for your own home, a rental or a flip, the materials you choose matter. I’m all for getting funky if that’s truly YOUR style (and frankly, only if you know what the heck you’re doing), but if you are on the fence about your aesthetic personality (or trying to appeal to the masses with a flip), I want to remind everyone why selecting ONE material can be oh so chic, textural and timeless.

The ‘one material’ reference is focused on the tile for the bathroom, but we’ll explore the integration of other finishes with it as well.

Tone-on-Tone Consistency

Of all the tone-on-tone, neutral, bathroom designs I came across, this one spoke poignantly to the theme of this post. The large, greige-tone floor tile grounds the eye and flows into the tub front and shower walls, where a thinner, longer version is stacked to create the illusion of height. There are no accents, trim or other tile variations happening, keeping it clean yet interesting with the simple adjustment of the tile sizing.

Design Source | Photographer: Unknown

Design Source | Photographer: Unknown

Select the Ideal Finishes to Make it Pop

To add more visual interest, the designer used a warm wood vanity and matching floating shelves. Again, no change in materials, just placement variation. The antique brass fixtures and vanity handles provides the warm shine and pop to the neutral textures. While we can’t see that fabulous lighting fixture in all its glory, the crisp white shade with brass wiring are on point. And we can’t ignore the calculated paint color selection!

Regardless of if neutrals make you twinge (our tips apply to the use of saturated tones too!), this bathroom demonstrates how using one tile material can elevate your luxe game.