Apartment Hack | How to Hang Heavy Decor Without Damaging Your Walls

This one is for all my renters out there (or if you’re just sick of hammering/drilling nails into walls)! We’re so used to using the back sides of our doors for hanging everything from towels to scarves — why not make the front side of your doors a canvas to hang heavy mirrors or artwork?

How to Hang Decor Using Over The Door Hooks

  • Shop for over-the-door hooks (or use one you likely already have in your closet or bathroom!) and attach visually appealing rope, wire, ribbon, etc. to your heavy wall decor so there is something for the piece to hang from.

  • Hang decor on your over-the-door hook ANYWHERE you have a door that needs some love!

  • Adorn them with artwork, heavy mirrors, festive wreaths...there's so many moveable options to enhance your space and keep your walls hole free!

Like my mirror featured in the video? Thanks! Here's the link (Sailor's Mirror in Brown).