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It all starts with a floorplan. When you move to Hawai’i from the east coast (from just under 2700 sqft. to a 720 sqft. rental), measuring and planning is truly the only way to figure out what the heck you can bring, what needs to be stored and what needs to be sold (so you can buy a few new pieces that will fit properly in your new habitat)!

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If you haven’t checked out my Instagram posts on island living and how to be true to your aesthetic while integrating your environment, head on over and smash that like button. And more importantly, dive into my tips to see if anything resonates with you!

As a designer, my style is constantly evolving. At my core, I know the following will never change:

  • My love of the color black

  • My love of varying textures layered throughout a room

  • My love of grounding spaces with neutrals to build upon

With that, we created our condo of cuteness and integrated elements of our new island life environment that inspire us — that bring US joy.

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Photographer | Olivier Koning

Photographer | Olivier Koning

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Photographer | Olivier Koning

Photographer | Olivier Koning