Our Favorite Cutting Boards and Why They're SO Versatile

I know I'm not the only one out there with a cutting board obsession. I see you nodding your head! They are oh so pretty and oh so useful which makes them a winner in our book. Let's count the ways you can design with them and we've rounded up our fav's in this week's post.

Gallery Walls Aren't Just for Art and Pictures

When you have blank walls but don't want to fill them with art or pictures - fill them with wood! The neutral tones, textures and patterns mother nature provides is pretty amazing and with the help of craftspeople around the globe, you can decorate your walls with wood cutting boards in various shapes and sizes. Similar design best practices should be implemented to layer the boards as you would a traditional gallery wall:

  • Ground your layers with the lager pieces first
  • Mix boards of various tones consistently (trying not to bunch any that are too similar next to each other)
  • Keep the smaller boards above or on top of the larger ones

The closer to the kitchen space the better from an "it should make sense" perspective and these designs hit the cutting board gallery wall nail on the head.

Cutting Board Shelfie? Yes, Please. 

My thumb got whiplash as it halted to a stop to take in the glory of this space. I mean, seriously?!


First of all, who wouldn't want a stone fireplace separating their kitchen from living space? Exactly. And if you had one, wouldn't you also add a fabulous floating mantel that could perfectly display tone-on-tone, various sized, cutting boards?

Let's also not forget to mention the perfect picture light to highlight all that wood goodness and complimentary sconces to provide the folks sitting at this cozy set-up just enough light. Layered lighting at its finest! 

How to Layer Cutting Boards in the Kitchen

This isn't new news, but one can never get enough tips for layering cutting boards against your kitchen backsplash. I personally have beef with electrical outlets and use cutting boards to cover them all the time!

I've rounded up some of my favorite kitchen layered cutting board looks to feast your eyes on and hopefully, you'll try them out in your kitchen!

If neutrals are your jam (like me!), and you have a white/light kitchen, cutting board "art" is also a great way to add depth to the space. Shoot for grainy woods and rich marble tones to layer against the wall between your cabinets and counters and even breakfast bar walls or connected buffet/cabinet walls if you have them. 

Cutting Board Kid Furniture! 

Say what? Take a cutting board (wood would be the easiest DIY option) and get furniture legs/feet to attach to the bottom. Instant kid table or stools! Sure you could use them as stands for other items such as plants, but kiddos need tables and chairs too and these are too cute to handle. 

A Few of Our Favorite Cutting Boards

From rich woods to marble (and even some moody blacks), these cutting boards are sure to add character to your space.